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Hiring a WordPress developer in Australia: A range of services you can expect

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems for building a professional website. It is not easy for everyone to gain expertise in building and maintaining a WordPress website in the long run. This is where a WordPress developer hops in to fill up the void. With the help of a WordPress developer, you can create a website that meets the unique needs of the brand. Here’s a list of services you can get along with a well-trained WordPress developer:

Custom Website Development

With the help of a WordPress developer, you can build a website from scratch, which can be customised and tailored to meet your specific requirements. A WordPress developer can work on developing a website with a specific design, ensuring the portal looks how you want it to and also functions smoothly.

Theme customisation

A well-trained WordPress developer can help you customise a theme even after purchasing a particular theme that suits the aesthetics of your brand. The developer can work on the codes, tweak them, and curate a theme to make the existing theme better and more engaging.

Plugin development

WordPress plugins are small software programs that add extra smoothness and better website user experience. A developer can even code a new specific feature for your website if that feature is not available on the existing plugins.

Website maintenance

A fully navigating, good-looking, and easy-to-access website is also useless if it is not maintained well. Hiring a WordPress developer can help you maintain your website to ensure it runs smoothly and stays secure. Hiring a WordPress developer can also help you maintain other aspects of the website, like fixing bugs, updating plugins, and consistent backups.

Why hiring WordPress developers from Riseweb can boost your business?

A website works as the first introduction of your brand to the customers. This itself makes it crucial for any website to make a good impression by being visually appealing and user-friendly. WordPress is one of the most versatile platforms and requires skilled developers to make all the difference. Hiring a WordPress developer from Riseweb can boost your business. Here is how:

Experience and expertise

We have a team of skilled developers with years of experience in developing websites for various industries. Our developers follow the latest trends in the industry and are up to date with the technological trends in our development. This ensures that your website stays relevant, modern, and cutting-edge. WordPress developers at Riseweb ensure that your website always gets the required traction and competes at the highest standards.

Tailored solutions

Our WordPress developers work closely with the clients to curate a tailored solution that satisfies all their website needs. Whether it’s a simple blog page or a bigger e-commerce portal, our WordPress developers understand the requirements of the clients and the task to reflect the brand image and fulfil their goals.

Timely delivery

Time is money, and our teams take deadlines very seriously. Our WordPress developers are known to deliver projects within the deadline without compromising the quality of the project. We believe in transparency and provide consistent and timely updates and reports of the project and its status. This allows you to shift your focus towards other aspects of the business as we take care of the website.


Money saved is money earned, and we work on a similar fundamental. We offer competitive pricing without hampering the quality of deliverables. Our developers are known for working efficiently, reducing the time and cost of developing the website.

Successful companies, agencies, and the SEO industry rely on us.

Tips to success: Our best WordPress development practices

As a WordPress development company, we follow a specific process to deliver high-quality websites to customers.

Planning and research

Before developing your website, we start with our research to understand the client’s requirements. Our teams also research to understand the target audience and the goal of the brand. We also conduct a study of your competitors to identify their strengths and weaknesses.


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Once we properly understand your requirements, our teams start with the designs. We create mock websites to give you an idea of how your website will look, and only after your approval we begin developing it.


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Once we get the approval for the design from you, we will begin developing the website. Our developers use the latest coding standards to ensure the website is fast and user-friendly. Our team also makes sure that the website is mobile-friendly and optimised for search engines.

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Quality assurance

The websites we develop undergo rigorous tests to ensure top-notch quality. Functionality, usability, and compatibility are the key parameters we test the websites on to give you pure, organic, and high-quality results.

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Once the quality of the websites is satisfactory, we deploy the website on a live server. We also ensure that the website is fully functional, runs smoothly, and finally launch the portal.

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Maintenance and support

Once the website is live, it is necessary to maintain it. We make sure that the website is updated and secured. Along with this, we also provide you with technical support to ensure that the website has no bugs and always runs smoothly.


The hourly rate of a WordPress developer depends on the experience and the skillset he possesses. A freelance WordPress developer charges between $100-$250 per hour, but these rates change with the project’s complexity and other specific requirements.

Yes. You can transfer your website or blog from wordperss.com to a self-hosted WordPress installation. The process involves exporting the content from wordpress.com and then importing it on your self-hosted WordPress website. This process requires technical expertise, and it’s better to let a skilful WordPress developer handle it.

It is crucial to consider the experience, expertise, and portfolio of the WordPress developer before hiring them. It is also important to ensure that the developers have a proper understanding of your requirements. It is again necessary to check the references and reviews of the developers before hiring them.

Riseweb is an agency with expertise in custom WordPress solutions for small businesses. We have a team of expert WordPress developers who can provide high-quality services at a very competitive rate. Apart from the expertise, the range of services offered under one roof makes us one of the best WordPress development agencies for small businesses.

It is estimated that most of the websites on the internet will be powered by WordPress in 2023. WordPress is still one of the most popular content management systems available as it’s super user-friendly and flexible with its customisation options.

The time taken to build a website on WordPress entirely depends on the project’s complexity and design requirements. A simple website with the bare minimum of features and functions might take two to three days to be developed, but a more complex website with custom features and design can take weeks to complete. The business must choose a professional WordPress developer to develop their websites to get more accuracy and higher quality.

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