After Engaging Riseweb For SEO & Google Ads, Empire Limousine: Here Is How We Drove A 73% Hike In Traffic For Empire Limousine

Empire Limousine

All of Empire Limousine’s customers can expect unparalleled comfort, safety, and satisfaction. They’ve been in the business for almost two decades! Their fleet services are available all around the world, from the busiest airports to the most distant ones, thanks to their years of experience.

Our strategies included

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization

We worked on maximising their ROI and acquiring new customers

Organic traffic was boosted by using a variety of on- and off-site SEO approaches.
Our driving potential traffic increased by 72.71 percent.

After a slow start, is now in the top ten for 39 of the total targeted keywords.
Over the course of a year, this resulted in an increase in phone calls and reservations (total click events of roughly 160.31 percent).


Increase In Organic Traffic


Increase In Organic Leads


Increase In Organic Traffic

The Challenges

  • To begin, we needed to increase the website’s organic traffic, which had been declining since the previous quarter.
  • Before we started the SEO effort, we had to delete some spammy backlinks from the website.
  • Their main goal was to increase their organic monthly sales twofold with this SEO strategy.
  • In the search results for the website’s major keywords.

The Solutions

  • Additionally, deleting low-quality backlinks to improve website loading time. Aside from these changes, we created and implemented SEO-friendly meta tags for the website (such as a descriptive title and heading tags) as well.
  • Optimized the website’s internal linking structure by including original and relevant material that was optimised for primary keywords. We also improved the website’s internal link structure.
  • The website’s internal content duplication issue has been resolved by implementing URL redirects where necessary. In order to keep an eye on the crawl budget, the robots.txt file was also tweaked.