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London Dermatology increase in appointments Organically by 78%

London Dermatology Clinic

London Dermatology Clinic focuses on dermatology services. They have a team of dermatologists, including board-certified dermatologists, who treat a variety of skin disorders, including skin tags, warts and acne.

Our strategies included

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization

Maximizing ROI And Acquiring New Customers

Organic traffic increased by 49.20% within six months after we implemented several on- and
off-site marketing methods, and ten of our targeted keywords were among the top ten.
In addition, the customer reported an increase in phone calls and meetings, with organic SEO
accounting for 78.35 percent of the appointments.


Increase In Appointments Organically


Increase In Organic Users


Increase In Organic Page-views

The Challenges

  • We discovered that this client had a low search engine rating during our initial investigation.
  • Even the meta tags weren’t optimised, and there was a lot of duplicate text throughout the page that needed to be cleaned up.
  • Customer enquiries and newsletter signups were also a huge concern for the organisation.
  • Increased organic traffic and faster website loading were the ultimate objectives.

The Solutions

  • To address all of the issues, we performed a backlink audit and replaced any low-quality backlinks with high-quality ones. As a result, we modified the meta tags to include more accurate titles and descriptions and to include heading tags, alt-text for images, etc.
  • We then updated the content on the website that was duplicated with original and interesting content that was tailored around high-ranking search terms. As part of our content marketing approach, we also provided them with monthly blogs.
  • As part of our efforts to speed up the website, we redesigned the entire site and improved internal connectivity. Besides creating unique profiles for doctors to increase their authority, we also targeted doctors’ directory sites to display doctors’ profiles so that users could locate them.