Tintshoppe's organic revenue increased by 347 percent as a result of our PPC campaign.


Tintshoppe has been a pioneer in the automotive window tinting and accessory market. Car window tinting, paint protection, car wraps, 12v electronics, LED lighting, and custom wheels and tyres are just some of the services this USA-based company offers.

Our strategies included

  • Technical SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Conversion Optimization

We worked on maximising their ROI and acquiring new customers

We were able to raise conversion rates by 75% while lowering
costs/conversions by 52% afterthoroughly examining the numerous aspects that affect our paid marketing campaign
and devising a programme that would offer effective results. As a result, the client was able to save money on advertising and
get a higher return on investment.


Increase Conversions


Increase Quality Traffic


Increase Reach

The Challenges

  • Tint Shoppe struggled to gain traction in its intended market despite providing high-quality services. Our primary goal was to raise brand awareness within the intended demographic.
  • In spite of being in business for more than two decades, the client was unable to generate enough leads that resulted in a substantial decrease in revenue.
  • The most difficult part of the job was getting locals to come into the client’s store and spend money.

The Solutions

  • We worked with the client to design a campaign that would bring in high-quality traffic and leads, resulting in the highest possible conversion rates
  • We slashed superfluous ad spending and instead created a campaign that resulted in greater conversions.
  • We were able to keep costs under control and the campaign optimised, which resulted in higher conversion rates.