Shopify vs BigCommerce: Which E-Commerce Platform Is Right For You?

The choice between Shopify and BigCommerce is difficult – it’s like picking the right tool for a digital workshop. 

With over 2 million daily users, Shopify looks like a go-to choice. It changes the way people run their online stores. Meanwhile, BigCommerce, with around 1 million users, is also an excellent choice. 

This blog takes us through the details of BigCommerce vs Shopify, exploring the features, pricing, and performance. Find the perfect fit for your digital shop in a landscape with over 3 million businesses. BigCommerce or Shopify? Let’s find out which one is the best for you!

Initial Setup

Shopify has a simple setup – it makes the initial steps feel like a well-guided walk. BigCommerce offers a powerful boarding process – it provides huge room for those who prefer a touch of personalisation. It’s a choice between the comforting simplicity of Shopify and the inviting flexibility of BigCommerce. This ensures that every aspiring online entrepreneur finds a path to launch their ship into the expansive sea of possibilities.

Ease of Use

Shopify extends a friendly hand with its built-in drag-and-drop interface. It turns store design into a delightful experience. BigCommerce stands as a welcoming companion, providing users with more customisation control. It’s a choice between the ease of a ready-made template and the artistic freedom of a more intricate design process.


Having a dependable support system means reassurance. Shopify is a loyal companion with its 24/7 support across various channels. On the other hand, BigCommerce is a wise mentor, offering multiple support options, a rich knowledge base, and the tools to navigate challenges and develop flexibility in the ever-evolving digital landscape. With Shopify and BigCommerce, users are a part of a supportive community.

Themes and Customisation

Shopify unfolds its palette with modern-themed elegance. Each brushstroke reflects contemporary attraction. BigCommerce offers a diverse gallery. It caters to various industries like an artistic chameleon adapting to different palettes. It’s about expressing the essence of a brand. 

Plugins and Integrations

Shopify and BigCommerce are two reliable partners. They offer a set of essential tools for users. Shopify’s App Store is filled with apps that integrate into your store. It turns it into a playground of possibilities. BigCommerce provides a strong toolkit. It ensures a solid selection of third-party applications that mix with your digital space. It’s about providing users with the right instruments to enhance their online presence. With Shopify and BigCommerce, users are conducting a symphony of digital innovation.


Shopify’s tools are like a friendly breeze. They are easy to harness for implementing discounts and gift cards. BigCommerce is more sophisticated. It offers advanced marketing features that resonate with the ambitions of growing businesses. It tunes the scale of one’s dreams and decides how the marketing strategy should work with digital aspirations.


In the battle for online visibility, a strong and seamless SEO strategy is your compass. Both platforms offer solid SEO foundations. Shopify’s clean URLs and built-in blogging features contribute to its SEO strength. BigCommerce stands out with SEO-friendly URLs and customisable meta tags. Both provide dependable strategies for navigating the digital seas.

Sales Channels

Reaching beyond your website is important. Both platforms offer multi-channel selling. It integrates with social media platforms and marketplaces. Shopify excels in integrating with Facebook, while BigCommerce covers a broader market. The choice depends on your preferred channels and your omnichannel strategy.


For users of Shopify and BigCommerce, trust is necessary for their digital abodes. Both platforms stand as vigilant custodians. They stick to industry-standard security protocols that protect against potential breaches. Shopify comes with PCI DSS compliance. BigCommerce comes with a Level 1 PCI certification. With Shopify and BigCommerce, users are building digital fortresses where the integrity of their online world stands strong against cyber threats.


Efficient shipping is the backbone of customer satisfaction. Both platforms offer strategically strong and dependable shipping solutions. Shopify’s partnership with major carriers simplifies shipping logistics. BigCommerce’s built-in shipping features cater to businesses of all sizes.

Inventory Management

Smooth sailing requires seamless inventory management. Both platforms provide strong inventory tracking features for real-time updates on stock levels. Shopify’s simplicity is ideal for small businesses. BigCommerce’s enterprise-level tools cater to larger enterprises with complex inventory needs.

Tax Calculations

Tax calculations can be a tough task for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Both platforms simplify this process with automated tax calculations based on your location. Shopify’s user-friendly tax setup is ideal for small businesses. BigCommerce’s tax automation features cater to enterprises with complex tax structures.

Monthly Subscription Fee

Every journey has its price, and the same holds for e-commerce platforms. Both operate on a subscription-based model. Shopify’s pricing is transparent. They come with transaction fees for third-party payment gateways. BigCommerce has a higher entry-level pricing. It offers more advanced features even in its basic plans.

Payment Options

The diversity of payment options impacts your customers’ experience. Both platforms support a wide library of payment gateways. They ensure flexibility for your customers. Shopify’s extensive list of supported gateways caters to global audiences. BigCommerce focuses on flexibility. It offers a range of payment options suitable for businesses of all sizes.


The decision between Shopify and BigCommerce is crucial for online businesses. Whether one chooses Shopify or BigCommerce, the destination is a unique digital success. 

As the digital heat continues to rise, users are writing their digital stories. The verdict? Personal preference holds the compass. 

Does one favour Shopify’s streamlined strategy or explore BigCommerce? Remember, it’s about sculpting digital supremacy. 

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